XVenture Experience presented by NORTHS

Friday 30 September, 2016

The inaugural Xventure Experience at NORTHS was held on Friday 30 September, 2016 with a total of 28 teams of 6 taking part in this four hour event. Teams came from a wide range of organisations including some heavy hitters such as Westpac, Deloitte and Sydney FC. With participants being given very little information prior to the day about what they will be taking part in, there was a lot of anticipation building up in NORTHS Auditorium. Participants were huddling in groups attempting to de-code this event, however things became a lot clearer once XVenture Founder and CEO Mike Conway turned on the microphone and welcomed everybody to this XVenture experience.

Mike outlined the significance of teamwork and leadership in today’s fast paced business world. He emphasised the importance around Emotional Intelligence (the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others) and how some of the world’s strongest and most respected leaders encompass this quality in their leadership style. Mike showed a video to the teams that had a number of organisational leaders talking about leadership and different factors that make a leader successful. After a quick outline of the XVenture rules it was downstairs for a group shot and from that point on it was GAME ON!

In what is propbably the windiest day Sydney has experience this year, teams carefully opened their envelopes so as not to lose any paper in the wind and they found a local area map and set of 18 challenges located within a 1km radius of NORTHS. Here I personally found my first challenge of the day for you see on a fitness scale of 1 – 10 I would probably fall at 2. Being mathematically inclined I initially was calculating distances between key points, North Sydney Oval – The Greens – North Sydney Council – Cammeray Golf Club… This was going to be tough! But I knew that I was only kidding myself if I came into this with the belief that there was little to no strenuous activities waiting around the corner.

Our team (NORTHS Pink) formed a group huddle and we examined the map and challenges carefully, some challenges required multiple groups to participate whilst others didn’t rely on this factor. This saw the need of keen negotiation skills as you attempt to reason with other teams to form alliances and complete multi team challenges. As a keen viewer of Australian Survivor and a fairly personable individual I took this challenge head on and began to form alliances with other teams. However as the day progressed team priorities changed and alliances broke.

Throughout the experience we found ourselves having to change game plan six or seven times as we arrived at key challenges however a wait time was evident… was it worth waiting? Should we run another km to another challenge? Will it be available? What was the true value of time in this event? Initially we were confident in completing at least 10 challenges out of 18 however it quickly became evident that to complete even 5 of these challenges in the allotted time was going to be challenging.

With an hour left we found ourselves a man down as a key player in the team had to pull out to make a flight, so there we were, down on luck, a man down and we just reached a challenge that required a piece of paper to be completed and ran back to a lockbox location a kilometre away which was going to be closed at 3.30pm (our clocks showed the current time as 3.26pm). The belief of one team member kept our spirits alive as he filled in the form and off he went, managing to successfully drop this off at the location within 3 and a half minutes. This lifted our spirits and as a team we managed to finish on a high with three final challenges.

All teams were back at NORTHS by the 4.30pm cut-off and scores were being tallied. The anticipation in the room could be cut with a knife as Mike began to reveal the all-important scores. You really could feel the disappointment in the 25 teams that didn’t make the top 3. The hard work put in by all teams throughout the experience meant we all truly were winners and everybody came out of the day with a more enriched knowledge of leadership and teamwork.

Robert Lopez – Marketing & Promotions NORTHS

Team NORTHS (Pink)

NORTHS and our Community

North Sydney Leagues Club distributed over $650,000 to a range of community groups and charities in the last year through both the ClubGrants scheme as well as general community support.

Some of the groups who benefited include:

Stand Tall the Event

Stand Tall is about Australia’s future… motivating young Australians to make positive life choices that can change the course of their lives.

In one massive day, Stand Tall addresses the national high school curriculum outcomes for PDHPE by gathering world class athletes, popular musicians, and inspirational speakers, who all share their life experiences in a relevant and relatable way to Australian teenagers.

At NORTHS we realise not all high school students that want to attend this event can afford it. Through a donation from us at NORTHS more students can attend this than ever before!

Stand Tall believe every young Australian has the potential to succeed and fulfil their dreams, and encourage students who attend a Stand Tall Event to:

  • stand tall for what is right
  • stand tall for positive choices
  • stand tall for friendship
  • stand tall for resilience

One massive day of positive input into a young Australian can change a life.

NORTHS is the 2016 Major Supporting Partner of Stand Tall The Event.

Taldumande Youth Services

Caseworker transport for homeless youth – provided by NORTHS

Talumande’s 6 caseworkers provide high level support to 60 homeless young people at any given time within their 3 accommodation programs (25 properties) spread across northern Sydney. The caseworkers support involves a high amount of travel – regular on-site meetings, accompanying/transporting young people to appointments (eg therapy/counselling sessions; drug/alcohol therapy; medical/dentistry; legal specialists; family meetings; juvenile justice), and for everyday activities (food shopping as part of our living skills program; shopping for clothing; helping young people when exiting to live independently in the community for example). Caseworkers use their own vehicles, which can be unreliable and expensive and Taldumande received funding from NORTHS for a car.

Phoenix House Youth Services

Building Life Skills Program

The aim of the Building Life Skills program is to support marginalized young people aged from 14 to 24 years old, who are from the Northern Suburbs of Sydney, to develop and sustain successful independent living skills.

The independent living skill program covers the following topics:

  • Tenancy information
  • Mental health
  • Finances and budgets
  • Nutrition
  • Communication skills
  • Healthy relationships
  • Sexual health
  • Cleaning
  • Safe partying


Future Achievement Australia Foundation (Max Potential Program)

Max Potential is a youth leadership development initiative that involves matching young people 16-20 with coaches in the community – such as business leaders and educators, who work with them on developing a community project.

Successful completion of Max Potential will also qualify all young adult participants to a Certificate 1 in Active Volunteering. The certificate, customised specifically for Max Potential, in partnership with the NSW Centre for Volunteering, builds on the basic generic skills required by all community-oriented organisations that enable volunteers to effectively participate in the organisation and undertake their community service work using basic practical skills required for the job.

NORTHS provides $20,000 worth of scholarships for students and coaches to participate in this program.

An example of a project undertaken by a Max Potential student – a student had been allocated a scholarship, and the title of his project was “Senior’s Memory Book”. He conducted his project at an aged care facility in Roseville. The student’s project was centred around interviewing residents, taking photos with them and hearing about their history. The aim of the project was to give dignity to the aged by sharing their stories; in other words the aged are not blank slates and have a rich history to share. He is making a book – one page per resident – to leave with the facility so that others can also appreciate the history of the residents.


Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre Co-operative Community Kitchen

NORTHS is supporting a weekly community kitchen where lower income and socially isolated members of our community can come into Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre for a free healthy and nutritious lunch. We have many members of our community who do not eat well or look after themselves – unfortunately a lot of these are seniors. Our objective is to supply a safe environment for disadvantaged members of our community to come and enjoy a healthy meal, while also learning tricks to eat healthily on a budget. Our aim is to help educate as well as support.


Learning Links “Therapy in Schools” at Cammeray Public School

Speech Therapy in schools – building increased capacity in teachers while helping kids with learning difficulties

A Learning Links speech pathologist will work within Cammeray Public School to build teachers’ capacity to help children with learning difficulties. This comprehensive program will assist children who struggle daily in the classroom. The therapist will work in the school for one day each week, working with children within the classroom on a group basis and one-on-one with those who require more intensive support. Through team teaching, assistance with planning, developing strategies to help children who are struggling, and professional workshops, they will help build the skills of the teachers to identify and support children with learning difficulties.


EarlyEd, based in Kirribilli, offers families with concerns about their baby’s or toddler’s development information and intervention through local community playgroups opportunities.

When babies are delayed in development families sometimes need support to connect with other families. EarlyEd can help families transition into a group and network with other families by creating a less intimidating setting. The presence of expert intervention staff at a mainstream playgroup setting allows concerned families to develop relationships and trust the worker enough to ask for advice. These approaches help families feel like they belong in their community and get intervention early.

Through the support of NORTHS, EarlyEd has been able to deliver workshops to staff and volunteers at a number of playgroups and also are developing a partnership with the Royal North Shore Hospital neonatal team to support families at the earliest stage of their journey.

TAD Disability Services

Building Local Capacity project

The purpose of the Building Local Capacity project was to enable TAD to meet the demand for unique and adaptable equipment solutions and Freedom Wheels bikes in the North Sydney area. Building Local Capacity’s aim was to provide training and volunteers management; buy tools, equipment and materials; and to recruit volunteers where needed.

The funding provided by North Sydney Leagues Club has enabled TAD to support local volunteers and build capacity, TAD’s volunteers change the lives of people living with disabilities by providing personalised equipment, technology and services.

Kids Like Brett

Buying life-saving special equipment for Children’s Hospitals

Kids Like Brett raise funds to purchase medical equipment for our children’s hospitals. 100% of all funds raised is used to purchase medical equipment. Donations are not spent on administration, staff or marketing.

Established in 1991, Kids Like Brett has raised funds to purchase and donate life-saving medical equipment that children’s hospitals could not afford.

Kids Like Brett approaches hospitals to determine what life-saving medical equipment is needed and then negotiates directly with manufacturers to ensure maximum value for all funds raised. NORTHS has been donating to Kids Like Brett for a number of years.

Greenway Tenants Group

The majority Greenway residents are 55 and over, and are financially disadvantaged. OzHarvest supply food to the tenants group and the residents look after all the organisation and distribution to other residents of Greenway Housing. Many residents do not have enough money for food and may not eat without this service. NORTHS provided the funding to upgrade the kitchen to meet health standards so this valuable service could continue.

Multiple Sclerosis Limited

NORTHS supports the North Sydney wheels in action program, assisting people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

When assistive equipment is not available from government funded sources, MSL provides a person with equipment such as wheelchairs, hoists, bath chairs, walking frames and air conditioners to improve their everyday quality of life.

Heat intolerance is a significant medical problem affecting people with MS – as little as ¼ degree increase in core body temperature can result in a significant increase in MS symptoms and hospitalisation. Air conditioners are provided as a medical necessity, not a luxury item.

Clients are assessed by an MS physiotherapist and occupational therapist to ensure their needs are met and the correct equipment is supplied.

Men of League Foundation

NORTHS supports the Men of League’s “The Advantage Line” program which aims to help the men, women and children of the rugby league community overcome adversity within their lives.

The Advantage Line is a targeted program that does this by:

  • Providing home care, temporary accommodation and respite for carers;
  • Improving the quality of residential care and rehabilitation available in the individual’s Local Government Area;
  • Facilitating placements into residential care facilities;
  • Enriching the lives of members through producing our Community Publication;
  • Provision of resources, equipment and/or aids that facilitate rehabilitation or improve quality of life.

Club Grants

ClubGRANTS (formerly known as CDSE) is designed to ensure that larger registered clubs in NSW contribute to the provision of front-line services to their local communities; and to ensure that the disadvantaged in the community are better positioned to benefit from the substantial contributions made by those clubs. ClubGRANTS also facilitates contributions by larger clubs towards infrastructure to support sporting, health and community activities.

For further details on ClubGRANTS including How to Apply, Guidelines and Funding Categories please click here

North Sydney ClubGRANTS:

To find out more about North Sydney ClubGRANTS and submit an application, please click here

Send Category 1 applications to:

North Sydney Council now accepts applications online.

For more information contact:

Wendy Joyce, North Sydney Council
Phone: (02) 9936 8194

Our Community Partners

North Sydney Junior Rugby League

NORTHS has a strong connection with Rugby League and we endeavor to assist in the development of players starting at a Junior level. Through yearly support to the North Sydney District Junior Rugby League, NORTHS has been able to supply financial sponsorship which has reached over $640,000 across the last five years. In the past year this has seen the following achieved:

  • Administration costs associated with the registration and insurance for almost 1,000 Junior League players
  • Council ground hire for over 540 games throughout the season
  • Referee fees
  • Club trainer equipment
  • Education courses for coaches, trainers & managers
  • Administration costs of the Junior League competition
  • Grand final trophies for all players and grand final day experience at North Sydney Oval
  • Junior Bears Development programs for U/13’s – U/15s including playing and training apparel
  • Coordinate elite programs for U/16s (Harold Matthews) and U/18s (SG Ball)

NORTHS also houses the NRL Junior Development Officer for Sydney North. This program works hard to educate local students in Rugby League through school holiday programs, gala days and carnivals throughout the year.

North Sydney Junior District - 2015 - Gala Day  North Sydney Junior District - 2015 - Gala Day  Junior Rugby League  JL Players 1

QANTAS Pathfinders Revue

Since 2003 NORTHS has hosted the annual QANTAS Pathfinder Revue, a week long night of performances aimed at raising funds for the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children. In 2014 the Revue raised over $105,000 in support of the charity and continues to grow its fundraising goals each year.

community-fundraising  10500443_660394190725001_7351304488928447106_n  10358994_658511277579959_6674660426103411285_o

Max Potential

Max Potential is an extremely unique 22 week leadership development program that matches emerging young leaders (aged 16-25) with community coaches. Over this period these young adults develop personal goals that they set out to achieve with assistance of coaching in personal leadership principles. NORTHS has been the home for this program for over five years and a number of our staff are coaches within the program.

A recent study of the program undertaken by Clubs NSW found overwhelming evidence that the young adults involved in the Max Potential program saw great benefits in their own personal growth. Some of the statistics uncovered were:

  • 70% of participants have continued to take up leadership roles and opportunities beyond the program
  • 99% of participants stated that the program helped them better understand themselves
  • 70% of participants continue to volunteer in community projects, causes or groups
  • 92% of schools stated they are highly likely or extremely likely to recommend Max Potential to other educators

IMG_3694 IMG_3724 IMG_3637

Click here to view a short video outlining the Max Potential program.


LETS is a non profit group of volunteers from the Catholic Parish of the Lower North Shore in Sydney. Through our charity and fundraising efforts, we are working hand in hand with the people of the Parish of Letefoho in East Timor to help build a brighter future for their community. Our support is focused on co-operative efforts to rebuild the foundations of a viable, thriving, self-sustaining community – organisation of clean water, sanitation, education, local industry and communications.

To aid this we recently did a Walkathon to raise money for LETS with support from NORTHS Fitness and NORTHS.

lets img_1294-640x594

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