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For 50 years the Qantas Cabin Crew and Pilots have been raising funds for The Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children by writing and performing a revue which is held at NORTHS. Since 1967 Qantas have raised $7.8 million for the kids and they’re still going strong with great events each year such as the Revue, Charity Flight, Trivia Night and the Jumbo Joy Flight.

Look out for the next Qantas revue in November 2018.


NORTHS General Manager Glenn Ward came into contact with The Resilience Project through a personal relationship with Melbourne Storm who have attributed significant positive results as an outcome of working with the team from The Resilience Project. NORTHS was fortunate to have a session in April of this year and due to the success and positive feedback we held a second one in September which we opened up to our members and local community.
The sessions were emotionally engaging and provided practical strategies in building resilience.

Did you know that:
• 1 in 4 adolescents have a mental illness
• 1 in 7 primary school kids have a mental illness
• 1 in 5 adults will experience mental ill-health throughout the year
• 65% of adolescents do not seek help for mental illness

The Resilience Project is an organisation based in Melbourne that is on a mission to teach positive mental health strategies. The Resilience Project has sold out the Melbourne Convention Centre, worked with the Melbourne Storm football team, the Collingwood Football Club and corporates such as VIC Roads, Shell and many more.


Development Project
Dance Chance is a dance class for people with a disability. Through the joy of dance we are able to provide social and community benefits to people with a physical or intellectual disability, aged 5 – 76 years old.

The dancers and volunteers are from a range of cultural backgrounds and have diverse communication and social needs.

Society throws up many barriers to community connection for people with a disability, in fact they are 9 times less likely to participate in an activity outside of the home. Factors range from ability to access transport, ability of services to cater to a diverse range of abilities or a lack of money to pay for services, all these hurdles can contribute to social and community isolation for people with a disability. This is particular true for weekends. A mother of a Dance Chance dancer with Autism remarked to us that:

‘Dance Chance is a lifesaver for my son on the weekend. During the week he’s busy with school, but on the weekend he watches his brother and sister go off to sport and to hang out with friends, while he stays home alone. We need more programs on the weekend.’

Dance Chance is of course a dance class, but fundamentally it’s an opportunity to come together with a community of likeminded individuals and build relationships. It’s a chance to have fun, socialise and strengthen social skills, all while building on dancing skills.


Building Sustainable Living Skills Program
The ClubGRANT NORTHS provided to Phoenix House Youth Services had a direct impact on the lives of the young people who went through the ‘Transit’ program which focusses on building living skills.

The program has strong education, work skills and living skills components.

On the commencement of the program only one student surveyed achieved high scores in all of the three factors of Hope, Engagement and Wellbeing classifying them as ‘ready for the future’. Following the completion of the program 60% of the students surveyed achieved scores that classified them as ‘ready for the future’.


Support for Cammeray Public School
Funded by NORTHS, an Occupational Therapist works at Cammeray Public School one day a fortnight to help children with learning difficulties.

The Therapy in Schools Program, delivered by the not-for-profit organisation Learning Links, assists children who struggle daily in the classroom. The therapist works with teachers, with children on a group basis as well as one-on-one with those who require more intensive support.

The Therapy in Schools Program at Cammeray Public School has been running for a number of years with ClubGRANTS funding from NORTHS.

“Providing OT in the school setting is assisting the school, community, principal, learning support teachers and guiding the teachers on how to assist these targeted children with their special needs, giving them activity suggestions in class. This is productive for the school as the teachers are more aware of the strategies utilised for the children, they can provide more tailored tools for the children who require further individualised support. This brings teachers more productivity and will facilitate each child to make greater progress in their specific areas of weakness. This may ensure that they will not fall behind in class and have difficulties as time proceeds”. Occupational Therapist, Learning Links.

Counting for Life in North Sydney
This project will support culturally linguistically children who have difficulties with their numeracy.

We know that many people from linguistically diverse backgrounds are in North Sydney, and Learning Links would like to assist the community priority needs by working together to help provide an inclusive and supportive environment for these children.

Counting for Life helps children in Years 3 to 5 who struggle with numeracy at an important stage in their development. The program is aimed at achieving measurable sustainable change and involves providing schools with volunteers to help children weekly for 10 weeks to improve their numeracy skills and enhance their self-esteem and confidence. The goal is to fill existing numeracy gaps of struggling children and encourage them to feel good about themselves as learners.

The project involves the implementation of one program at a public school in North Sydney LGA.


Mary’s House Domestic Violence Shelter, IT Project
Mary’s House helps women and children from all cultural backgrounds, including the refugee population living in the lower North Shore. The key objective is to support the victims of domestic violence who are seeking refuge, they come from all cultural minority groups in the North Sydney. In order to effectively manage this task we are seeking to implement an IT project.

The purpose of the IT project is to create dependable and accessible IT system for Mary’s House that integrates all aspects of the business in so that each area to access and communicate sensitive information securely. The purpose of the IT Project is to enable Mary’s House to operate effectively, with an IT platform that integrates secure and efficient client management with flexible and secure communication for our staff, volunteers and donors.


Naremburn Family Centre ‘Keeping Kids in Mind’ Program
Our parent education groups along with supported playgroups and infant massage are FREE and available to ALL parents. We receive a large number of referrals from North Shore, Mona Vale and Manly public hospitals when parents have been identified as needing assistance. Financial isolation is especially prevalent in single parent homes where domestic violence is a factor. One in four mothers accessing our support playgroups have domestic violence concerns. Our supported play groups and Bringing Baby Home courses enable discussion that regularly leads to referrals to our internal caseworkers or externally where appropriate.

They provide Emergency Relief assistance for mothers who require short-term support purchasing food and other essential items. Moreover, they provide financial counselling and family counselling if this is an identified need.

Keeping Kids in Mind is FREE to those participants identified as being either financially or socially isolated. Keeping Kids in Mind is an award winning post separation course for parents who have separated. It aims to maintain positive behaviour and reduce domestic violence and aggression as well as other environmental impacts that can harm young children.


Gidget House is a free service and is accessible to all in need of perinatal mental health support regardless of background.
Perinatal anxiety and depression affects parents and children of all ages and from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. The impact is widespread affecting mothers, fathers, babies, families and the community.

There is a strong relationship between perinatal depression / anxiety and social isolation and previous trauma. Some members of the refugee and CALD community may have a higher risk of developing perinatal anxiety and depression, particularly if they have limited access to resources and information.

Fortunately perinatal anxiety and depression is a treatable condition. With appropriate care, parents do recover and go on to enjoy loving relationships with their children and build strong family bonds.

Gidget House was established in response to an unmet need for perinatal psychological support services and provides the only free, accessible service in Sydney north. The funding by NORTHS is used to open Gidget house an additional 3 days per week between 5-7pm.


Wellbeing for Mothers ‘Happy Mums, Happy Bubs’ Program
This project helps Mums with (Post Natal Depression) PND and those at risk of developing PND. Many of these mums are socially isolated, and are struggling financially. they allow these vulnerable mums to come and get the much needed professional help they need. The majority of these mums have no family and no support and feel they have nowhere to turn. They provide a safe place and offer the help they need – and more importantly the community they need.

The Wellbeing for Mothers project is aimed at improving the emotional and physical wellbeing of women suffering from postnatal depression. The weekly service will include group discussions and counselling sessions with a qualified psychologist to equip mothers with the necessary coping strategies to deal with the stresses of parenthood. The service will also provide an important support network for women to exchange information, which will serve to break down barriers of social isolation often experienced by women with Post Natal Depression.


Fresh Start Program
PCYC NSW is an all-inclusive organisation which works with all individuals from any cultural background. Our ‘Fresh Start’ program provide youth from low socio-economic families, whether or not they be from culturally or linguistically diverse families, to participate and benefit from the program. Both PCYC staff and participating police, have all undergone various cultural programs to better understand and engage with individuals from culturally diverse backgrounds to make sure they feel a sense of acceptance and belonging in the community.

Fresh Start is an 10-week youth fitness program with its primary goal being to target truancy. It’s all about getting local youth at risk to start the day on the right foot so they are mentally alert for their school day ahead. The program will have an educational component where youth will learn the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, proper eating habits and personal hygiene.

The structure will be the following; morning Bootcamp supported by Harbourside Local Area Command, youth will receive hygiene packs, breakfast will be provided and transport to their school on time.


Mary’s House – Rebuilding Lives
This project will enable the St Vincent de Paul Society to give an effective level of support to the families living at Mary’s House and those transitioning from the service to establish new homes in the North Sydney LGA. Society members will continue to support families to rebuild their lives; engage with their local community; and live independently.

The aim of this project is to remove some of the immediate financial stress impacting on vulnerable women and children and to support them to access other relevant services in the area, thereby reducing their social isolation and developing connections to their local community.

Mary’s House focuses on supporting women to regain their self esteem and to feel safe and valued by the community. This project will support the work of Mary’s House by enabling the Society to provide families with the financial support they need to establish and maintain a new home in the North Sydney LGA for themselves and their children.

The Shelter Project
There is no situation more isolating than a lack of shelter and, consequently, the need to ‘sleep rough’ in a cave, on a park bench, under the Harbour Bridge or near heating vents of commercial buildings. These examples reflect the reality for a significant number of people who approach the St Vincent de Paul Society’s Crows Nest Centre for assistance. With no fixed address they often find it difficult to access local community services and are at constant risk of being robbed of the few possessions that they have.

St Vincent de Paul Society members offer friendship and support to people who are facing hardship and those who are living rough have access to food, clothing and blankets through Vinnies shops. Having their material needs met fosters trust and encourages people to feel a connection to the local community. It also provides opportunities for Society members to address the social isolation associated with homelessness. This project will enable us to better support those who are sleeping rough by providing a safe place for them to sleep and store their possessions while we work with them to access local community services that can address their homelessness issues.


Financial Assistance Program for Homeless Youth
Taldumande Youth Services has been working with vulnerable and homeless young people for 40 years and has expanded to become the key youth Specialist Homelessness Service provider across northern Sydney region. Each year, Taldumande works with over 420 young people and their families from all socio-economic backgrounds. Many of their clients from diverse culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and they assist young people with all various backgrounds.

By running the Financial Assistance Program for Homeless Youth, Taldumande can provide additional support and resources for the young people who reside within their 24/7 Crisis Refuge in Neutral Bay and the Under 16s Program in Crows Nest. Case Managers works with the young people in our care and create individiualised case management plans. Within these plans, a young person will determine their next steps in life, whether they want to get involved with education, employment or other day activities. Participating in daily activities, getting resources such as uniform for employment or resources for education cost money. Funding from this grant will support young people to afford these additional resources to help them achieve their goals.


Providing Medical Equipment for sick children
Kid’s Like Brett helps sick kids and the community by reassuring the Children, Family and Doctors that there is still a charitable organisation out there that helps support the community by raising money of which 100% of all funds will help purchase life saving medical equipment for our Children’s Hospitals. “Kids Like Brett” contributes to our community to assist with social isolation and mental health to reduce the worry for families with sick children by giving back life saving medical equipment to children’s hospitals to assist with greater supplier of life saving equipment and increase chance of survival and less burden for families going through tough times.


Vision Australia’s Orientation and Mobility service

Vision Australia’s Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Program is designed specifically to provide clients with strategies for safe travel that are paramount to their well-being, both physical and emotional. The ability to get out and about engaging in personally meaningful activities is of real benefit in combating depression, loneliness and anxiety, which are considerably higher in the blind and low-vision community. Such a service is not restricted by racial, cultural or linguistic diversity – on the contrary, it can act as a bridge, uniting those people living with blindness or low-vision – from all walks of life – to the broader community.

This project aims to provide O&M services and white canes to 6 clients living in North Sydney LGA who require this vital service to ensure safe, equitable and independent travel in their community.

Our Sporting Partners


NORTHS has a strong connection with Rugby League and we endeavor to assist in the development of players starting at a Junior level. Through yearly support to the North Sydney District Junior Rugby League, NORTHS has been able to supply financial sponsorship which has reached over $640,000 across the last five years. In the past year this has seen the following achieved:

  • Administration costs associated with the registration and insurance for almost 1,000 Junior League players
  • Council ground hire for over 540 games throughout the season
  • Referee fees
  • Club trainer equipment
  • Education courses for coaches, trainers & managers
  • Administration costs of the Junior League competition
  • Grand final trophies for all players and grand final day experience at North Sydney Oval
  • Junior Bears Development programs for U/13’s – U/15s including playing and training apparel
  • Coordinate elite programs for U/16s (Harold Matthews) and U/18s (SG Ball)

NORTHS also houses the NRL Junior Development Officer for Sydney North. This program works hard to educate local students in Rugby League through school holiday programs, gala days and carnivals throughout the year.


Strong growth built around professional management and high quality coaching has led to Northbridge FC becoming Australia’s largest football club with winter playing numbers of over 2,500 and another 1,000 players involved in summer football.

Northbridge FC is also home to the North Shore Mariners. The North Shore Mariners is the official Sydney based academy and pathway to the Centre Coast Mariners A League. NORTHS continued support of the Club has been instrumental in funding facility development and coach education. This has been hugely beneficial for both our male and female players.

‘We thank NORTHS for their support of many codes. The community is looking for more from their local sporting clubs and NORTHS funding is helping us all meet these growing needs. Plus NORTHS auditorium is an absolute must for our major presentations – best venue in Sydney.’ Kym Griffen, General Manager, Northbridge FC.


Northern Suburbs Netball Association (NSNA) has 6,000 members making it one of Australia’s largest netball associations. NSNA and NORTHS have partnered together to support the netball community on the Lower North Shore with NORTHS taking on the Gold Level sponsorship.

‘NORTHS Cammeray is to be congratulated for distributing its sponsorship across male and female sports by forming this partnership and supporting Australia’s premier female sport at a grassroots level. We couldn’t be more excited as the funds offered will allow us to develop player, coach and umpire programs for our entire association as well as provide a place to socialise off court’. Glenys Paranihi, President, Norther Suburbs Netball Association.



ClubGRANTS is designed to ensure that larger registered clubs in NSW contribute to the provision of front-line services to our local communities; and to ensure that the disadvantaged in the community are better positioned to benefit from the substantial contributions made by clubs.

Category 1 is for expenditure on specific community welfare and social services, community development, community health services and employment assistance activities. In particular, expenditure on projects and services that contribute to the welfare and broader social fabric of the local community, and that are aimed at improving the living standards of low income and disadvantaged people.

Successful candidates for 2017 include Dance Chance, Phoenix House Youth Services, Learning Links at Cammeray Public School and Anzac Park Public School, North Sydney Women’s Benevolent Association – Mary’s House Domestic Violence Shelter, Naremburn Family Centre, Gidget House, The Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre, North Sydney Police Citizens Youth Club, St Vincent de Paul Society, Taldumande Youth Services, Kids Like Brett and Vision Australia.


To find out more about North Sydney ClubGRANTS please click here

North Sydney Council accepts applications online click here

For more information contact:

Wendy Joyce, North Sydney Council

Phone: (02) 9936 8194


Alison O’Connor, NORTHS Marketing and Community Engagement Manager

Phone: (02) 9245 3000

Email: alison.o’


Have a look at this short video to see what our staff think about working for the Norths group.

“I’m very proud to be the CEO of the Norths Group. We have a dedicated Board and over 350 employees. We’re working very hard on the “WHY?” Why do we do what we do on a daily, monthly or annual basis. Some of that work has established that we really do have a common thread across all of our clubs. And that is enriching our communities.” Luke, CEO Norths Group

“What a lot of people don’t know is that the Norths Group is a not-for-profit organisation. So that means that the money that we make goes to our charity partners, and many social, educational and sporting organisations.” Alison, NORTHS

“We’re about giving back and making lasting, positive contributions. We strive to enrich our communities. Pink Ribbon Day, Jean for Genes Day, Daffodil Day, R U OK? Day, The Resilience Project are all for community enrichment.” Cassie, NORTHS

“NORTHS isn’t just a place to work – we are NORTHS.” Tyler, NORTHS Fitness

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