For 50 years the Qantas Cabin Crew and Pilots have been raising funds for The Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children by writing and performing a revue which is held at NORTHS. Since 1967 Qantas have raised $7.8 million for the kids and they’re still going strong with great events each year such as the Revue, Charity Flight, Trivia Night and the Jumbo Joy Flight.

Look out for the next Qantas revue in November 2018.


‘Bringing up Great Kids’ program

Odyssey House aims to build safe and healthy communities by minimising alcohol and other drug related health, socio and economic harm among individuals, families and communities. We have identified through our 40 years of services that children are often the hidden victims of adult alcohol and other drug (AOD) misuse. To ensure that we engage with those in need in the area we want to run the Bringing Up Great Kids Program locally to incorporate parenting skills with our regular AOD community-based services.


Miracle Fund

Dance Chance is a dance class for people with a disability aged 5 to 75, run primarily by volunteers.

Dance Chance is a proud member of the North Sydney community. With our weekly classes held in Naremburn and our end of year concert in North Sydney, we feel proud to provide a vital service to the residents of North Sydney with disabilities.


‘Learn, Work and Life Skills’ program

The target client group of Phoenix House are young people confronted with challenging circumstances, such as mental health issues, victims of bullying, family breakdown and violence, drug and alcohol addiction, homelessness. They are aged between 14 to 24 and reside in the Northern Sydney region. The program will equip them with the tools to succeed in their studies, while learning soft skills, such as positive social interaction with their peers, families and extended community. Thanks to flexible study solutions students are able to build upon their natural talents and improve their learning outcomes.


Learning difficulties are common with 5-15% of children affected. Such learning difficulties can have a far reaching impact on an individual’s academic achievement as well as on their emotional wellbeing. By addressing these issues this will have future implications, decreasing the likelihood of behavioural issues, anti-social behaviour, school dropout and substance abuse, which are often associated with unaddressed learning difficulties.

Therapy in Schools – Cammeray Public School

Continuation of the Therapy in Schools program with Cammeray Public School for children with learning difficulties. Learning Links providing an speech therapist one day a fortnight, funded by this grant from NORTHS.

Reading for Life program

Reading for Life program to be delivered by trained volunteers for a local school. The Reading for Life program is a measurable 10 week program for children in Years 3 to 5 at Primary School to enhance Literacy


Mary’s House Domestic Violence Shelter

Rental assistance for families with boys 12 and over

This project will greatly impact families with boys over the age of 12 years as these boys cannot be housed in the current set-up which is a mixed refuge. These families are already traumatised and are financially challenged having no means of support as they are fleeing their homes. The project will provide a safe haven in which they can catch their breath, heal from the trauma and resume their lives in a calmer less frenetic way.

Mary’s House Rebuilding Lives

The families accommodated at Mary’s House have left their homes due to domestic violence and, as a consequence, they are both socially and financially disadvantaged during this transition period in their lives. Without appropriate support, these families are at risk of ongoing disadvantage, particularly those from non-English speaking backgrounds who may find it difficult to engage with local support services due to language barriers and limited knowledge of services available to them.


New wheels for meals on wheels

New wheels for meals on wheels will allow the Crows Nest Centre to deliver meals and fresh sheets and towels to housebound frail older people and people with a disability, over 90% of whom are on a pension. Most live alone and experience significant social isolation, impacting their health and well-being. These basic in-home support services provide nutrition, dignity and most importantly meaningful connection with the outside world as well as some personal comfort that someone is keeping an eye on the more vulnerable members of our local community.


Extended opening hours, providing greater access to health services

Gidget House provides professional support for those suffering from perinatal depression and anxiety which affects 1 in 5 new mothers and 1 in 10 new fathers.

In 2017, via a ClubGRANT from NORTHS, the Gidget Foundation was able to pilot an extension of hours for Gidget House North Sydney – 5-7pm three days a week. This was well received by patients and allowed the Foundation to make more sessions available, and consequently support more expectant and new parents.

Gidget House helps ensure that those with mental illness feel cared for and supported, hence removing the isolation they may experience when diagnosed with a mental illness. Given the success of this pilot, the Gidget Foundation will continue this extension of hours, so they can offer easier access to appropriate services for those affected by perinatal depression and anxiety.


Wellbeing for Mothers ‘Happy Mums, Happy Bubs’ Program

Continuation of support for this program for mothers with young babies that have, or are at risk of having postnatal depression.

The majority of the mums have no family and no support and feel they have nowhere to turn and the Centre offers the community they need.

Because of the ClubGRANT they can offer this 8 week program for free, and the service includes group discussions and counselling sessions with a qualified psychologist.

This provides an environment (once our mums feel confident after attending our program) for them to meet new people and socialise while feeling a sense of community. With the help of this program, not only do our mums lives improve, but so do those people around them – their partners, children, family etc.


Wellbeing program for young people with early psychosis

The target group are socially disadvantaged as they hardly participate in the community and do not socially interact with peers due to their mental health needs. Young people who go through the community mental health service are from financially disadvantaged background has accessed housing support and families on low incomes or on government support schemes. Young people with early psychosis if not intervened at the right time could end up being living with mental health issues needing public health services.


Mary’s House – Rebuilding Lives
This project will enable the St Vincent de Paul Society to give an effective level of support to the families living at Mary’s House and those transitioning from the service to establish new homes in the North Sydney LGA. Society members will continue to support families to rebuild their lives; engage with their local community; and live independently.

The aim of this project is to remove some of the immediate financial stress impacting on vulnerable women and children and to support them to access other relevant services in the area, thereby reducing their social isolation and developing connections to their local community.

Mary’s House focuses on supporting women to regain their self esteem and to feel safe and valued by the community. This project will support the work of Mary’s House by enabling the Society to provide families with the financial support they need to establish and maintain a new home in the North Sydney LGA for themselves and their children.

The Shelter Project
There is no situation more isolating than a lack of shelter and, consequently, the need to ‘sleep rough’ in a cave, on a park bench, under the Harbour Bridge or near heating vents of commercial buildings. These examples reflect the reality for a significant number of people who approach the St Vincent de Paul Society’s Crows Nest Centre for assistance. With no fixed address they often find it difficult to access local community services and are at constant risk of being robbed of the few possessions that they have.

St Vincent de Paul Society members offer friendship and support to people who are facing hardship and those who are living rough have access to food, clothing and blankets through Vinnies shops. Having their material needs met fosters trust and encourages people to feel a connection to the local community. It also provides opportunities for Society members to address the social isolation associated with homelessness. This project will enable us to better support those who are sleeping rough by providing a safe place for them to sleep and store their possessions while we work with them to access local community services that can address their homelessness issues.


Under 16’s refuge financial assistance

Whilst residing at Taldumande’s Under 16s Program Refuge, their clients often have limited financial resources. Through this grant, Taldumande can provide children and young people with a more nutritional food program whilst they reside in their care.


North Shore Stroke Survivors Choir

Keystrokes has demonstrated the benefits of singing and participating in a choir in short and long term survivors of Stroke. Studies have shown how the choir has enhanced communication and speech output, decreased depressive symptoms, improved memory and increased social interactions, thereby enhancing wellbeing and quality of life for those with aphasia.


Artists with an intellectual disability delivering workshops for local children

Studio A is a social enterprise initiative of Studio ARTES Northside, an organisation that provides creative programs with whole-life outcomes for adults with disability.

This project will contribute to the income and employment opportunities of artists with intellectual disability by funding the development of a workshop for children, delivered by the artists in their studio in Crows Nest

This workshop series and educational material will be launched as part of the 2018 North Sydney Children’s festival

This project will contribute to the income and employment opportunities of people with intellectual disability. Because of their disability, our artists are financially disadvantaged and largely excluded from the job market. This project utilises these artist’s unique experiences and talents to create a marketable product that will diversify the income streams of these artists.


Delta Therapy Dogs for aged care facilities in the Lower North Shore

Elderly pet owners who must enter aged care facilities report feelings of loss when they have to leave their pets behind. Pets provide one of the few interventions capable of permanently lifting the atmosphere of hospices and nursing homes.

NORTHS can support a Delta Therapy Team for a year at the aged care facilities Lansdowne Gardens, Neutral Bay and James Milson Village, North Sydney.


Vision Australia’s Orientation and Mobility service for Lower North Shore residents

This grant allows Vision Australia to provide O&M services and white canes for 5 clients living in the North Sydney LGA

Many of the clients who have previously participated in this program have reported acceptance of their vision loss more readily when they can maintain their independence in their home and local community, feeling more comfortable in accessing public transport, continuing to meet friends for social interactions and maintaining control over aspects of their life that are personal and private.

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