The Italian Tenors

Saturday 17 November

Time: Doors 7.15pm Show 8pm

Cost: $49


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Direct from Italy, the THE ITALIAN TENORS are three of Europe’s most successful operatic tenors who have become a worldwide pop-opera phenomenon – they toured Australia in 2016 on their inaugural tour which saw the trio play to sell-out performances nationally. They are SABINO GAITAFABIO LA MATTINA and EVANS TONON – THE ITALIAN TENORS signed to Universal Records – they combine their classical roots with Neopolitan sings and their own blend of Italian Pop which is not only evident on their self tit led album but is sung with flair and virtuosity that is uniquely the ITALIAN TENORS.

Their encore Australian tour promises all the Italian charm and vocal power of their recently sold out European tour. Together with their live band, the evening promises to be an incredible musical montage of vocal passion and entertainment excellence.

THE ITALIAN TENORS will be touring Australia again by Popular Demand, proudly presented by ABSTRACT ENTERTAINMENT.

Of course, such a blend between the two musical styles has been done before – but only THE ITALIAN TENORS can warm your heart after only a few notes. With their personality, their Italian charms and their tuned sophistication that is rarely ranked this high: the three extremely talented opera singers have taken the leap into another field and challenged to win the hearts of their audience. Their new album mirrors a wealth of emotions. We created a whole new and fired atmosphere with our interpretations of Italian pop songs. The melodically feeling of Bel Cantos, popular orientated music, is timeless and worked both in classical and pop music. And that’s what we wanted to show. The three never left their path while they’ve worked on plenty wonderful Italian pop songs. They arranged a musical adventure with passion and abandon combined with talent. “It is for us as Italians to create a breathtaking mix of passion and culture to build our own composed world. That’s always a concept of our work”, gushes EVANS TONIN.

“Brilliant, notable and exciting” are just three adjectives the Italian Tenors can be described with. Their new album connects to their traditional sophisticated music, is a homage to Italian songs in generally and tries to bring passion and emotions to a fulminated expression. THE ITALIAN TENORS made sure that nearly forgotten jewels of Italian music culture were not missing, either. They put a dignified monument to the Italian way of life with their album “Viva La Vita”.


SABINO GAITA was born and raised in Milan, Italy. He now lives in Turin, where he regularly sings at the local Opera House, and where he met Evans and Fabio during a production of Aida. Sabino began studying music at the age of five and can play several instruments, including the piano, the saxophone, and the clarinet. He also finds pleasure composing songs and has created his own recording studio where he produces his works.

EVANS TONIN was born and raised in Turin, Italy. Despite his English sounding name he is fully Italian. Before creating the Italian Tenors in 2012, Evans was singing leading opera roles in important Italian opera houses. He is also a trained actor, playing in Italian TV series and films, and a voice actor, lending his spoken voice to ads and documentaries. He is proud the uncle of ten nieces and nephews.

FABIO LA MATTINA was born in Palermo, Sicily, where he studied music at the local conservatory while at the same time training as a professional nurse. After winning several singing competitions he began his career as a freelance singer, and has performed in several opera houses, including the Teatro Regio of Turin, where Evans and Sabino asked him to join them in the trio. Fabio now lives in Milan, but still carries with him his Sicilian accent.

 “We are passionate about music, and we are passionate about our own country. So much that we named ourselves The Italian Tenors. This time we want to take you to a journey through Italy through our music. If there is anything attractive you will find in Italy: from the Roman ruins of our capital, to the amazing food of Naples, the beautiful beaches of Sicily and Sardinia, the precious wines and green hills of Tuscany, the fashion in Milan, the baroque architecture of all of our cities. And then the myriads of churches, the romantic canals of Venice, the opera houses. But there’s more to it. For example, did you know that the fabric that is used today to make blue jeans was first created in Genoa, in Italy, many centuries ago? So join us on this Italian journey and discover more as we sing about our much loved country through its fascinating music” — The Italian Tenors